The ministry known as Old Oak Bible Church was started in January of 1977 and incorporated under Ohio Law as a non-profit entity in April of 1977, as the Chapel in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, Inc.. Our founder was 31 year-old pastor, Dave Butler, who took up residence at Misty Lakes in Middleburg Heights. Our first offices were located at the well-known R.A. Gall Building in Parma Heights. During the three months of preparation for our first service, our area of ministry was determined to be that of a circle whose center was the intersection of Bagley Road and I-71, extending for five miles in all directions. Today, our members come from the six cities that this area covers as well as 12 other communities.

Our first worship service was Sunday, April 27th at the former C.A. Thomas Elementary School that was located on Bagley Road (presently Middleburg Commons park). 120 were in attendance that first service.

In 1996, we legally became Old Oak Bible Church. By that time, God had blessed us with a lovely church facility on a campus of more than six acres. He had led us into an unexpected ministry to thousands of divorced couples in the Cleveland area. Not to be mistaken for a "wedding chapel," the difficulty of the name change was essential. Yet, not only are we a church, but we are a "Bible church" in a day when the Bible is continually looked down upon or ignored. In addition to that, we are now located on the well-known medical thoroughfare - Old Oak Boulevard - and we are next door to two of the largest employers in the city (Southwest General Health Center and Quadax Medical Billing). 

Our identity is: an independent Bible church. We are a local, autonomous body of believers, independent of any ecclesiastical authority outside of our congregation. We are unaffiliated with any denomination or group and we do not see ourselves fitting the current "non-denominational" niche, which is filled with groups whose names usually do not describe them.  

Our identity is also that we have a "loose" form of fellowship with congregations of like faith and practice. That "like faith" meets the following standards of being:

          -Sola Scriptura (Scripture, alone): authority in the life of a believer comes only from the Bible.

          -Sola fide (faith, alone): faith in God, alone, brings salvation to a believer.

          -Sola gratia (grace, alone): divine grace is the only reason a believer receives salvation.

          -Sola Christi (Christ, alone): Christ, alone, is the "way, the truth, and the life" to the believer.

          -Sola gloria (Glory to God, alone): glory to God alone is the goal of the redeemed life of the believer. 

Finally, our identity is also a firm belief in the centrality of preaching/teaching. Preaching is that unique procedure by which God, thru His chosen messenger, reaches down into the human family and brings persons face to face with Himself. Without such confrontation it is not true preaching. Since preaching originated in the mind of God and is his own distinctive medium for reaching the hearts of men with a message that is calculated to save the soul, it is obviously his prerogative to set the standards. It follows that the only valid conception of preaching is the conception which God has revealed in Scripture. It is unfortunate for the cause of Christ when secular standards are substituted for the sacred pattern and preaching becomes a mere instrument of culture or a means of teaching ethics and morals - apart from the holy and authoritative demands of the living God that are derived from Scripture. 

A note on our music: It comes in many forms, but mainly our music is dictated: 1) by what compliments the message or the stated purpose of our gathering; and 2) by what we are best capable of presenting. The goal of our music is not that of a performance, but of a spiritual "offering" from the heart of the singers/musicians to the heart of God - and to His people. 

Our Church

Old Oak Bible Church

7575 Old Oak Blvd. Middleburg Hts., OH 44130 (440) 243-5820

Sunday Mornings: 9:30 am - Bible Study, 10:30 am - Service

Wednesday Night AWANA, Adult Bible Study, Youth Group: 7 pm